How to Crouch Jump in PUBG?

How to Crouch Jump in PUBG: Players Unknown Playground is a popular game that allows cross-play. It is available on Steam and Twitch. This is a very important skill in PUBG you need to master. Crouching involves making the player jump higher than the normal jump. A crouch involves the player pulling the legs closer to the body to allow for greater clearance while jumping. It is an important skill when jumping from windows, long ditches or obstacles.

How to crouch jump in pubg 2018?


People cannot help but strategize and perfect their gaming skills. They have to maneuver in the best manner and give the opponents a hard job.

How to crouch Jump
It is a mechanic that is gaining popularity in the current world of computer gaming. It is powerful and has helped players get around obstacles such as walls and window jumps. It can be used on a variety of things but before strategize you need to get the keys into your memory. It requires a combination of the keys. For instance, the default setting involves you pressing C and spacebar at the same time at the same time moving forward. This will give your player the energy to the vault and escape the enemy.

How to crouch jump in pubg mobile?

How to crouch jump in pubg mobile?

In the recent patch, PUBG ability to jump through the window by crouching was fixed. It disabled Jump + Crouch in battleground settings. This made other players unable to get inside buildings without windows. But you can bypass the restriction by following the following quick tips.

First, open the PUBG Settings menu. This can be accessed on the upper right corner of the screen with a Gear icon. Click on the browse button and look for control Tab.

Secondly, Scroll down to the bottom and under the common, find the Jump. Then left-click the second column and hold Shift, and press Spacebar. The column should show Shift + Space Bar after the process.

How to crouch jump in pubg after patch?

How to crouch jump in pubg after patch?

To change the crouch setting, hold Ctrl, and then press Spacebar. It should show Ctrl + Space Bar on the column. This means to access jump you will press and hold Shift and Spacebar and to access Crouch you will press and hold Ctrl and Spacebar. It is therefore quite easy to memorize.

Pubg crouch jump xbox?

Pubg crouch jump xbox?

Ways to use Crouch jump
One of the best ways to use your crouch skill is to escape a building that you have locked into by the enemy. It is a thrilling action that you to decide whether to use stairs and face them or jump from the window like a pro. You, therefore, will need to first use your fist and break the glass. Then walk towards it and press the crouch buttons. For the default settings, you will access the skill by pressing C and Spacebar, but you can always change your preferences to the key combination you like. You must train your memory muscle to accommodate the different keyboard shortcuts. If you are having trouble, don’t worry, it will take you a short while to become accustomed and you will there on a jump like a pro.

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