PUBG Servers Are Too Busy: How to Resolve Error?

PUBG Servers Are Too Busy: With a huge amount players signing in and out of the game, it’s perfectly natural that PUBG would be prone to such an error. The tech developers behind solving this problem have inherently tried to curb this bug since its inception but there’s no telling on how efficient it may be for every player generally with time. This is likely because Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has grown exponentially and beyond the expectations of its developers which results to why the servers are not adequate enough to receive thousands of players’ requests simultaneously.

PUBG Servers Are Too Busy

PUBG Servers Are Too Busy: How to Resolve Error?

Why you might be facing this error in person?

  • There are probably several players within your vicinity that are signing in to the game and thus since PUBG cannot efficiently handle all requests at that time the typical server error message arises.
  • Conventionally, PUBG undergoes system maintenance and updates (research has this activity to occur on Wednesdays usually). Not all updates will affect the server though but only the ones that regard server maintenance such as upgrade on servers’ capacity as well as adding of new servers.

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Some Ways to Resolve the Server Issue

  • Changing the server location. Since PUBG attempts to connect you to the nearest local server, you could be affected solely based on your individual server so you might want to change the location of yours ideally. All you have to do is to click on the globe icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to get all available servers, change to a different one then connect again. This usually works when your local server has high traffic.
  • Monitor periodic updates. At times the server error may be caused by system server updates and maintenance as mentioned earlier. Stay in check with the official PUBG twitter support page to know when this kind of activities will occur. Just hang in there during the process as it can also be a cause of the error message. Note that apart from the normal update times, there could be spontaneous minor updates as well on different occasions for fixing critical bugs as well.
  • Down Detector. Using the down detector for PUBG server status errors can come in very handy. This online tool basically gives you information about other variables concerning the gameplay. You can observe whether other players are equally facing the same issue from the platform. The site is designed with an interactive feature that lets players drop comments about their status quo and relative solutions when available.
  • Restarting the modem. Players on forums for PUBG and Steam have acknowledged that restarting the modem device can aid the user to dismiss such error. This can be simply done by switching off the power button then switching it on again. More effectively, you can check at the back of the modem for a small reset hole to do the reset. This often corrects the error especially when due to a poor connection in the area.

There! I believe trying any of these suggested points above will solve your server error problem appropriately.

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